Hidden Valley Safaris

Day 3

DAY 3:

Trek from Forest Camp (2821m) to Shira Cave or Shira Two (3875), total 15.4 km, without excursion to Shira cathedral.

Initially trek from forest camp (2821m) to Shira 1 Camp (3 504m) on the western edge of Shira Plateau (8.1km).

Then, continue directly across the gentle slope of the Shira Plateau towards Shira Cave camp (7.3km). After hiking for 2.5km, can you request your guide to turn towards the south and enjoy an excursion via the dramatic Shira Cathedral – only if you feel strong enough to add the additional 3km to your day’s walk. The Shira Cathedral is an impressive volcanic outcrop that marks the southern tip of the Shira Plateau. It is possible to obtain excellent views towards Kibo, to the south and to the west, from this point. We continue to Shira Cave camp (3 875m).