Hidden Valley Safaris

Day 6

Day 6:

After breakfast, acclimatization excursion at 09:00 with assistant guide on assault route up Barafu Rib.  Ascent limited to 3 hours 45 minutes only, aim to reach 5 288m (halfway point to the summit) on the ridge.  15 Minute pause and descend to camp.

Return distance: 2.8 miles – 5 hour hike    late lunch at 15h00.   Aim to sleep as soon as possible after lunch as you will be woken at around 2300-0000 to begin your assault. Don’t worry about waking yourself for meals - your staff will wake you up for this. You probably won’t feel like eating but please endeavour to do so as you’ll need the energy reserves. You are advised to get all your gear ready for the summit bid before you go to sleep, as you may feel disoriented when awoken for the assault.