" Dear Hidden Valley team I have just returned from a 7 day Lemosho trek with Happygod and his team. I would like to extend my warm wishes to the team. I thought they did an absolutely amazing job. They said that they had worked together as a team and it really shined through. They were professional, courteous, friendly, efficient. Happy was brilliant, constantly calculating, observing, watching us on what we ate, our behavior, our likes and dislikes. The small things like getting us to camp at a reasonable hour, away from the crowds, tending to my blistered feet, The singing of happy birthday, etc etc the compliments really are endless. I recognize that it is a huge responsibility taking tourists up the mountain. I could not have asked for a better experience. They were genuinely excited and happy when we summited. Truly memorable, thanks Happy and the team. Loved every minute of it. "

- Best wishes, Alex

Best wishes, Alex